Tuesday, February 7, 2017

a new dress

I went on a little shopping trip to find a new dress recently. It took a couple of stores, and a few disappointing try-ons, before I hopped into Torrid. I don't shop at Torrid often, and when I do it's online. But, it was there - I was there - so I went in. 

A sweet little dress caught my eye right away, I grabbed it up and tried it on. I must talk about the dressing rooms!! They have fans! Oh my goodness, what a difference this makes. I always get so hot, and then frustrated from being hot, when trying on clothes. You're in a (usually) small space with bright lights beaming down on you, throwing things off and on, and it just gets hot. Those fans made such a difference, and the try-on experience was fantastic.

So, here's the dress that ended up coming home with me. Floral print, bell sleeves, a little above the knee. I picked up some semi-sheer patterned tights while I was in the store to pair with it. 

For an added touch of fun I decided to wear my little kitty flats with it. I hadn't felt this pretty in a minute!

To my beauty/makeup lovers out there, this is what made up my face when I wore it out the next day...

And that completes this happy story :)

What dressing room stories do you have to share (good or bad!)? Ever been in one with a fan?



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